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You Are Made of Divinity: Let This Be Your Reverence Point

February 19, 2021

Today we explore the role of devotion in daily living, especially during challenging times. 

Honoring the feast of our lives & celebrating you and all you have experienced in your life thus far. 

Planting love notes in your life, especially where fear lives.

An invitation for a sacred contemplation: what is your reverence point?

Building a circle of sacred for you.

YOU are made of DIVINITY. 

How are you devoting yourself to your life? To your divinity? Where would you like to place your gaze?

Write new devotions—a ritual. 

The importance of being seen and witnessed —by others, by something greater, & in your own eyes. 

Ceremony and ritual as rites of passage and the necessity of this kind of intention and attention. 

The power of asking to be shown when we don’t know how—“help me steep myself and know myself in my own divinity.”

Creating pleasure letters—placing pleasure more in the forefront of our consciousness. Pleasure can save us from the depths of challenge. We can hold the grief and fear and discomfort AND invite in pleasure—even the smallest doses can raise lifeforce, hope, and a place of grounded possibility.

I would love to learn more about you, your devotion, what you long for, and what is bringing you pleasure now. Please feel free to share in the comments wherever you listen to this podcast or email me at  You can find me @shegathersbeauty, as well. 

Thank you for listening.

Sending vast love and gratitude,





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