She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth

You Are Wild and Holy: Celebrating a Safe and Sacred Passage

January 31, 2021

Today’s episode is an invitation to celebrate the truth of living wild & holy and arriving in the possibility of each fresh moment. 

The gift of impermanence and the nitty-gritty delight of rites of passage. Words as altars; prayers to the divinity of presence. Resting in what is true for you now.

Altering the chemistry of this moment—of your body, heart, and mind. 

Practicing arriving, again and again, in each new doorway of connection, compassion, and with blessing. 

A poetic dive into love and homecoming. I read from my first book, The Reach is (W)holy. I share the poems Protection, Polishing the Heart, Chispa, Wind & Water. 

Honoring the first Full Moon of 2021 in Leo on January 28th and some suggestions for rituals. The energy of this Full Moon will continue to inspire for several days after it reaches its fullness. No matter when you listen, even years later, you can still call upon this life giving source meet you where you most need it.

Ways to create an altar. 

Trusting your fire. Letting loose your voice be free to take up space.

A spontaneous singing of a poem/song.

What kind of altar would you need so that you can embrace and welcome every little bit of you? Every feeling, thought, emotion? Whatever you are feeling, however you are being—you ARE wild, whole, and holy.

Go out into a sacred grove of trees and let them show you how your wild is (w)holy.

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