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You Are Not Alone: Finding Refuge, Gathering Wisdom, Practicing Reverence

October 4, 2020

I have an exciting announcement—the opening of The School of Wild & Holy and my new course, Unlocking the Magnolia Teachings. Doors open October 19th! Seats are limited. Visit the She Gathers Beauty to learn more and apply.

Today I share a poem entitled “Of Belonging” and set a sacred place to welcome in the topics of relevance, refuge, and reverence. We address loneliness and isolation, chaos, and the longing for more ease and connection.

”We are not broken.”

We dive deeply into the Mistress of Longing’s message that we are not alone and explore ways to locate and feel connected to the unlimited resources and support available to us.

What do and can we find refuge in? This is an essential question and one that can lead us into a practice of re-membering when everything feels like it’s being dismembered.

Who is your “inner council of trust” and what does that mean? How can they be more available to you now?

A very basic introduction to the Shamanic journey, what it means, and the gifts our ancestors and helping spirits can offer during troubling and heartbreaking times.

The importance of reverence for nature, the land we live on, those who came before us, spiritual lineage, and the limitless well of hope we can tap into.

The empowerment that comes from longing and acknowledging it is there; our desire to make contact with something greater, and accessing the enchantment of life to imbue and be imbued with grace from the inside out.

How can you bring the truth of you into the present here and now so that it builds a container of trust, hope, calm, and restoration?

Ritual, prayer, and pleasure—tools and resources that soothe the nervous system.

Understanding longing as an opening that leads to the place where compassionate wisdom resides.

The sacred, sovereign space of your heart and a short heart cave experiential to increase relaxation and enliven well-being.

As always, may you remember that you are sacred, this moment is ceremony, and you do get to live your wildly naked truth.

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