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You Are A Pleasure Center - This Is Your Power

February 5, 2021

Today I talk about how YOU ARE A PLEASURE CENTER. There are so many ways to invite in pleasure, turn yourself on, and choose ecstasy when you can.

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I share the poem “She Moves With Fire” and we look deeper at the sacred rite of passage of experiencing hot flashes and night sweats as an auspicious rewiring & rewilding.

Ideas & Knowings Explored:

-what the body knows

-coming into balance with body, heart, mind, spirit

-living in the river of passion with wisdom rising

-longing’s gift of pushing us, often just beyond our limits, redirecting us toward home—the inner home—the inner flame of hope, knowing, desire, and belonging

-letting the changes and messages from body be a healing story of strength and our inherent capacity to be a pleasure center

-rising with divinity via this sacred body

-a message from the Mistress of Longing about presence and pleasure

-moving the body to return to a state of softness, clarity, and flow 

-holding many truths at once and the power of possibility

-a few ways you can turn yourself on.

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