She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth

Words I Want To Kiss You With: Poetry, Edges, and the Moon

November 12, 2021

Tell me, what is your yes? What is alive within you? What is life asking you to release? To fully embody?

The way you feel, it matters.

The way the moon is moving inside you, it matters. 

How are you meeting the wild edges of yourself?

What will you give yourself permission to be, feel, do, receive, believe, give?

There’s always a threshold opportunity to help us embody our yes.

This life is a constant ceremony—and everything is a love story.

The power in believing in your love—and leaning into the unknown.

I beg you, don’t let go of your hallelujah.

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Poems shared in this episode: She Is Mine, Lion’s Moon, The Curve of Yes, and An Unplanned Gathering of Love.



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