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Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: This Ecstasy Needs A Home

November 29, 2020

Welcome back to “Courting the Divinity of Pleasure,” a special series devoted to the Mistress of Longing. In today’s episode, we talk about the exquisite necessity of finding home. Specifically, how desire, passion, safety, pleasure all need homecoming. 

Letting the light come to you. 

Following the natural instincts of body and heart. 

Pleasure needs a place to go. What wants to have a fuller experience of life? 

Our bodies know how to do this. Your body knows how to fully commit for safety and pleasure. 

Extending ecstasy.

Appreciating rest and stillness.

Following hunger and fullness.

Working with the nervous system, stress, overwhelm, release, relief. 

Stress and the holidays—stress needs a place to go, too.

The magic of moving our body and deepening our breath-practical and real ways to work with stress, threat, and depletion.

Letting the sounds of life help us locate the inner call.

A writing prompt: What is living inside of you that needs a home? 

A quote from Thich Nhat Hahn.

"Wherever you are in this moment, you are coming home."


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Thank you for being here and boundless blessings!


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