She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth

The Heart’s Voice: Where Communion Lives

January 24, 2021

Today Wendy shares a vulnerable and empowering heart moment about falling in love—with herself—deeper than she ever expected, as a result of being in a committed relationship.

Intimacy with the intricacy of self and how it can enliven our capacity for intimacy with another.

The journey home—through the wildness and liveliness of breathing a life—a heart’s knowing.

A quote from Henry David Thoreau. The wish to live deliberately. 

Creating space for your heart’s voice and holding the wholeness of everything living there.

Practicing self-love can be held in relationship and in fact, can add to and strengthen it—making it a feast that feeds your life, the life of your partner, and the life of your love.

I share a poem I wrote for the woman I love—“where communion lives”—along with the tender truth-telling it brings to the surface of me.

The no-choice choice.

Confronting the places of heart we’re afraid to hold.

Letting the heart’s voice be the loudest.

Sacred boundary with self in relationship. Being/seeing the mirror.

Creating a new love language—sculpting an intimacy in service to love for ourselves and each other.

Questions that can bring sweet relief: “what do I need right now? How can I give it to myself? In what ways can I be with this other human being in co-creative truth?”

Scared is sacred often confused. 

Scared seeks safety. It’s one of the most powerful and sacred emotions we have to deliver us back to center—where communion lives. This is a form of longing and is an exquisite navigational tool. 

Sacred is always at the center. 

Gathering beauty as a way to make contact with and cultivate home.

Let your body find something soothing to soften upon.

Ways to look at all the ways we are in relationship daily. 

Somewhere inside of you, you know what’s needed for communion. May it be so. 

You do get to live your wildly naked truth.


This moment is ceremony.

And so it is.



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