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Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: A Sacred Channeling and Ceremony

December 6, 2020

Today I channel guidance from beyond. We are provided with a guided visualization, ceremony, and a new way of seeing.

Guidance and ceremony begins at 3:38 minutes in.

We are crossing over a bridge and into a new threshold. There is reclamation here now. We are being courted by and choosing the divinity of our own pleasure. This reclamation is an act of baring one’s soul and confronting the fears that are masquerading as truth, keeping you from moving through to the next part of your path. This recording is a ceremony for you.

There is a wall you have been bumping up against. A glass wall. Look down at your feet now, you’ve been shattering this wall and the pieces are there to be cleared away. We are opening into the vision of the heart to help us understand what it is we are clearing away. What has already died and is ready to be dead?

You are ready. Stand in your nobility. The wall is removed. You have done so much work. Step into the new part of your life. What newness is running toward you? What experience feels complete inside you? What do you wish to experience completely? Softly? Freely?

A sacred water blessing ceremony is given.

A poem within the journey arrives:

“Be fragranced by your love. Your inner smile is your regalia. All this time, your deepest longings have been the holiest of prayers.”

You are being ushered through a doorway of hope. This is just the beginning. Let yourself begin to wear this familiar newness. 

A journal prompt to respond to the guidance that came through your ceremony.

Stand in your victory.

Giantess: a poem.




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