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Rest Here: This Moment Is For You

May 14, 2021

A few moments of mindfulness can gently refocus your inner gaze and be “an uprising of softness.” Mindful awareness can be practiced at anytime. Remember what matters most to you—let yourself rest for a moment or two of calm centering.

You have a choice about the pace and focus of your day. Let this be your reminder. Taking a few moments for yourself as a daily practice can “reset” the sacred space within you. You are worthy of being on your “to-do” list.

“I have seen warriorship like this.”

It’s okay to loosen the grip for a moment. Return to your needs. You and your sense of peace matters. Everything else will wait. 

Taking time for ourselves helps us clear the way, breathe a little slower and deeper, and show up for those we care about today with more compassion and presence. This creates more possibility  for us all.

This is a practice of love.




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