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Pleasure Not Pressure: Feeling Luscious Now

June 18, 2021

What does it mean to altAr your life?

What would it be like to live your life now? To experience yourself free, curious, and luscious—exactly as you are?

The ways we abandon ourselves and give our power away. 

Don’t wait to “use the good dishes.”

Body image & self-worth. 

The truth about your (w)holiness.

Leaving a life of heterosexual privilege and meeting myself at the door of my Truth.

Huge life transitions, wearing new skin, rites of passage.

What your soul wants you to know. 

You get to take up space and enjoy your life. Now. There’s really no need to wait.

There is no “perfect” time. This moment is ceremony.

Trusting that you know what feels like pleasure and finding ways to abandon pressure and choose yourself—your wants, your nourishment, your joy—instead.

The role punishment plays: over-culture might tell us that we aren’t worthy of experiencing pleasure and goodness until we are something different than what we are. In whatever ways this message is still encoded within us, it’s time to liberate the truth and start a revolution of love.

How can you altar your life right now? How can you honor and celebrate all that you have experienced and lived (and long to) so far?

Perimenopause and the importance of taking up space.

You are a gift and worthy of living the life you love and long for.

Choose your power, not the external messages about belonging and fitting in.

Beauty in contrast.

Feel and experience the grace holding you together.

Pleasure is available now—choose lusciousness. 

A very sacred question: does what I am choosing now feel like pressure or pleasure?

Altaring your life impacts the collective in a very expansive, liberating, joy-filled way.

I share the poem “Sacred Gesture” from my first book, The Reach is (W)holy, as well as the “Butterlamp” poem from my second book, The Mistress of Longing. 

You can find both of my books and ways to work with me at



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