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Being With the Raw and Tender Truth of Us: Wild Rose Descansos

March 5, 2021

Today Wendy addresses the raw truth of grief and navigating the unknown during a year anniversary marking when Covid-19 hit.

All the “rallying” and requests to keep showing up—the exhaustion, the desire for hope and goodness, and the gift of bird’s song and the repetitive sacred cycles of nature that comes when we least expect it. 

What is nourishing you at this time? What can you keep choosing in order to devote yourself to this kind of heart, mind, and body salve?

You are being received, seen, honored, loved, even when you can’t see it or feel it. 

Immense and intense challenge now—let’s normalize this. We are all moving through this—you are not alone. Please let this be a comfort. Please be gentle with yourself.

Let your breath be your anchor. Just breathe love. 

Letting the light in—it can be uncomfortable. And that’s okay, too. It really isn’t a problem. It’s information. For our tenderness. We must hold our sweet tenderness like the most beautiful call from soul.

The pericardium—letting the heart have what she wants.

Locating home. Finding ground. Practicing stabilization. 

Resistance to connection. This too, is (w)holy. All of it. Whole & holy.

Descansos—marking a significant and sacred transition. Honoring life. And death. 

The intersection of the inner and outer journey—where we locate ourselves in this crossroads—that, too, can be homecoming.

What is home for you right now? In what ways are your longings bringing some sense of direction to your life’s course?

To be wildly close to love—what does that mean for you? 

The frontier of heart I am learning about. I wonder how your heart is a frontier asking for your devotion and sense of adventure?

The rules we place upon ourselves and the myriad ways our hearts can teach us a deeper, more boundless truth.

What if fear is an invitation to trust yourself?

Consider all the times in your life that you have trusted yourself. Can you build an altar of Descansos for those times, let that visual, that map, be a sacred and strengthening reminder for yourself? 

Trust is a practice.

And it comes from the heart.

What do you long to say yes to? 




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