She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth

Lover, Come Home: Being Held in Your Yes

September 11, 2020

Topics/contemplations/prompts explored in this episode of Living Your Wildly Naked Truth include:

Wild Honoring; a poem about pleasure—giving it, receiving it, living it, and merging with the ache of sweetness.

Spontaneity and permission to be you.

Receiving the words “lover, come home” and what that means.

Rites of passage and the creative process: initiation, birth, death, grief. Falling in love and saying goodbye.

Home as expansive trust—the inner and outer landscapes of home. Instruction for homecoming.

Letting nature do what nature does—trusting your own wild truth. Asking to be shown can be a companion for your willingness to say yes in the unknown spaces.

Releasing what we know and falling apart; the (w)holiness of longing, being shattered, honoring endings and letting the grief come.

The Mistress of Longing—Her teachings on how to listen to soul. We are meant to BE LONGING.

The epiphany and process of giving birth to a book and Trust.

La Loba and Women Who Run With the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD. Fleshing out the bones of the wild woman.

Julie Daley and her divine timing.

Learning how to work with a numinous presence. Devotion as a path of trust.

“You are not alone.” A message for all of us from the Mistress of Longing.

Taking your seat in sovereignty and trusting your inner world of knowing.

Womancraft Publishing and Lucy Pearce.

Katie Hess and Lotuswei in Costa Rica.

Poetry as messenger and declaration. 

Sacred endings and uncoupling. Mutual Liberation. Shape shifting as a great awakening.

What stories are we telling ourselves about longing and writing new ones.

Paying attention to the messages coming through our nervous systems—an equisite navigation tool.

What would it feel like to be held in your sacred yes and how would you know? What would support and strengthen you? What’s holding you back?






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