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Love Longs for You - You Are Not Forgotten

February 12, 2021

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Today I share some channeled messages that keep coming through from the Mistress of Longing and what it means to “leave rose petals at the gate.”

—choosing to honor the arrival of your longing as an attunement to soul and soul’s calling.

—how longing will show us deep wisdom through the gateways of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

—longing is a form of love & life’s reach for us; life longs for us and has a wild desire for us to reach back.

—leaving rose petals at the gate is a devotional offering to life—one that says “I welcome you, come, show me what you have to offer.”

—Roland, my beloved furry four legged demonstrates the cycle of creativity—which includes longing and belonging—you might hear the pitter patter of his paws and the striking of his tail as he “hunts” one of his favorite toys.

—the Divine is available and moves through us during the entire cycle of creative flow—asking us to open our love, feel our love even more than we believe we can.

—a sacred invitation from the Mistress of Longing.

—when your sadness reaches for you, will you reach back? 

—being with grief/working with titration/loving and trusting our wisdom to navigate sorrow and the unknown

—the possibility of rejoicing in wanting to be wanted—this is a very (w)holy and basic desire.

—creating healing stories

—whatever you feel, it’s an expression of love reaching for you. 

—longing as an expression of love.

—love is a constant invitation & you have not been forgotten.

—if we want to embrace our longing, we must first begin with what is already here and longing FOR us

—a guided heart meditation.

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