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Love from the Blue Lotus: An Akashic Records Reading for You

October 18, 2020

Today I open the Akashic Records, revealing a potent message for the listeners of this podcast. I briefly describe the Akasha and share what often happens for those who are the recipients of these messages. 

The Records are a sacred space for us to access Truth from the great Storehouse of all that is, remember our sovereignty, life purpose, and provide myriad expressions and opportunities to receive healing, upliftment, and ceremony.

The ritual of and ways to receive an Akashic Records Reading. 


A guided relaxation and deepening into the presence of being held.

The Blue Lotus shares Her message with us:

it is dark and yet there is so much light; the message is about remembering hope; even in darkness, Great light and beauty is happening; darkness is the mystery of all life; life happens with death; the Blue Lotus is a great healing light reaching for us, inviting us home; this time is the Great Gathering Sacred; breathe now, She says; Open and rest, open and rest; what moves away from you is meant to, it will return your Truth back to you, with noble wisdom; You are Noble Wisdom; lower your gaze to the center of yourself, to the center of everything, where we all are, held in the center of Her; She holds the vast and luminous great mystery; the stars are Her heartbeats, Her eyes, and I’s, the multiple perspectives of Her, which is us; we must forget and re-member ourselves again; release and let go, strength and clarity is returning now; re-chord your dreams, your vision, your hopes and aspirations, belong to this homecoming now.

The Blue Lotus offers a nighttime practice and ritual for deep rest, healing, and homecoming.

Thank you for listening. If you’d like to receive your own Akashic Reading, you can book yours here

Many Blessings and All Love.



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