She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth

Life Is A Soft Quivering: The Exquisite Risk of Love and Vulnerability

June 4, 2021

There is nothing wrong with you. You can breathe and let yourself be held. In the fear and depths of letting go, something new is coming to life from deep inside you. How are you building sanctuary for your fear? How can this moment be a legacy of fierce self-care?

Exploring and staying with the exquisite risks of life, love, and vulnerability.

A prescription for a passionate life—soft openings.

Letting go. Being seen. The imperfection of trust.

Staying with the embrace of freedom.

The fragility that lives underneath what we show the world.

The courage it takes to be who you are can also be an unbound relief—this is reclamation.

I share the poem “the warmth of her.”

”You must have chaos within to give birth to a dancing star.”
~Friedrich Nietzsche.

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