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Journey to the Hearthfire: A Channeled Message

June 25, 2021

I was called to channel a message for you today. I hope that it lifts your spirits, brings great relief and remembering.

This message invites us to understand the ways in which we have moved through great challenge and that it is time to honor our fortitude, resilience, and step into a new life. This is a “portal,” if you will, carrying us into not just the coming days and weeks but a message that will serve us and cultivate great support and knowing for the remainder of the year. 

Take some time to settle in, make some tea, and create sacred space for yourself. Ceremony is waiting.

It is my honor to bring forth messages like this one. No matter when you listen, it will be the aligned time for you. 

This particular message came through for the listeners of this podcast. Being a channel brings me great hope and connection to what matters most in this life—I’m here to share this gift with you. If you would like to work with me in this way, visit my website at

Thank you for this exchange of abundance—your time and attention is deeply valuable to me.

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