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It’s Time To Receive: Be Drenched in Luminosity

July 30, 2021

It is time to take up space, receive, be drenched in delight. 

You are meant to experience being honored, celebrated, and receive all that is meant for your rooted, sweet, expansion.

You are possibility wanted by Possibility.

Why ritual and rites of passage are so very necessary and why your soul wants them.

Welcome to the Signature Soul Bath Experience! This is my new one-on-one offering—a rite of passage, created for the celebration of you and the honoring of where you are along the winding path of your life. I discuss what these soul retreats are, what you will receive, and the empowering blessings and tools you will walk away with at the end of our journey together.

Current offerings will be phased out soon—please do take advantage of these! Special bundles and exquisite rates are currently available. Stock up while you can!


Visit my website to learn more.

Diving into the poem “Be Wide.” Belonging, expansion, replenishment.

A guided meditation.

A ritual suggestion for the upcoming New Moon in Aries.

As always, thank you for being here. Your presence means everything! May you know every boundless blessing this New Moon is ready to offer you. May it be so. 


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