She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth

Feather and Bone: Building A Whole-Hearted Toolkit

March 12, 2021

Today I share ways you can create your own whole-hearted toolkit. 

We begin with letting the container be your truth and this poem:

Feather & Bone

“Do not let your winged spirit be caged~




Exploring and practicing what we love and feel drawn to.

The power of words and a disembodied voice.

What beauty means to me, connection and making meaning, locating what is sacred.

What have you been gathering over the years? What would you like to gather to yourself—for the heartbeat of your life?

I share why She Gathers Beauty is a container for who I am and who and what I devote myself to.

Altar building.

The ways our dreams can reveal homecoming and embracing ourselves.

Suggestions for how you can build a whole-hearted toolkit in alignment with who you are and what you long for and love now.

What you feel drawn to is a prayer for coming closer to your true self. 

You matter. What you love matters. Let your whole heart be gathered and adored.



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