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Cultivating Yin: What is Your Heart’s Promise?

January 7, 2022

Today Wendy speaks to the power of dreaming and the Dreamtime, the potent portal of resting into the mystery and the darkness.

The opportunity to release AND receive. Practical ways of showing up in an active state of surrender by recording our dreams.

Poems as thresholds to bridge the whole and holiness of mystery. I share two poems from my book, The Reach is (W)holy.

“Cultivating Yin” poem. Ways to catch our undone dreams and struggles. The stirring of sadness and hope. Darkness and fear and the ability to be called into a deeper truth.

Exploring the elegant edge that leads us back to the center of ourselves.

Dreams that are asking for our full attention. Our ancestors asking to be honored, received, longed for, invited. 

Inviting grief to the table and inquiring, “what do you wish for me to know about you?”

How can we be a bridge between the worlds? How can we plant new seeds while resting for ourselves, for the ones who have gone before us, and those who will come after?

The darkness helps us see, know, and understand what is really living inside of what is True.

We came equipped with tools to see, know, hear, and understand in various ways.

What we are supposed to know and how we are supposed to be can be vastly different from what is true and longing for us. 

Accessing the hearth-fire of your heart for steadiness with a simple breathing practice.

The powerful practice of asking yourself “what feels good?” This is a way to cultivate yin. To know and acknowledge the sacred available in the moment. And to catch, receive, hold, gather all that is needed. This “vessel” can also empty out what is needed, too.

A few ways to practice recording and retrieving our dreams so we can be aware of what they want us to know, do, be.

Dreams as a part of the Great Call Back—calling back all of our parts (for more on this topic, see previous episode). 

Weaving together all the pieces of our life in the midst of mystery unfolding.

The importance of sharing our dreams, as well as helping others understand their dreams. 

The significance of being a reflection of the Dreamtime for our community, family, and the collective at large. Our dreams often have medicine to share and don’t just belong to us individually.

“Clear Seeing” poem. How are you being written? What is your heart’s promise?

Letting mystery do what it does—letting it nourish you and teach you how to trust.

May you be deeply nourished.

May you remember, you are sacred.

May you remember, this moment is ceremony.

May you remember, you get to live your wildly, naked truth.

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