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Crossroads: Being Safe Space

September 3, 2021

September invites us to slow down, root down, release.

Let the change happen. 

Open, trust, receive.

Strength & wisdom is right here.

Working with the “and” space and all that we are holding.

I share the poem “Being Safe Space.”

Being radically redirected by even the smallest gesture can bring reverence and generous expansion for all of us.

”The lightest touch changing everything.”

Anything is possible now.

A few ways to practice being a safe space for ourselves.

What gesture can you make to receive what is wanting you now?

What “parts” inside of you want to be free to be “who they are” so they can be seen, heard, known?

What choices can you make from that place of reclamation?

What feelings can be felt now so that you can say yes to the momentum of lifeforce that is happening right now?

Grace happens in the “empty” space between the exhale and the inhale. In the in-between place.

Why this moment is ceremony.

Crossroads as rite of passage and bringing reverence to the past, present, and what has yet to come.

A story about a moth and a gesture of offering choice.

Practicing the release of mental critiquing.

I share the poem “Crossroads” dedicated to my dear friend, Marion.

”All of everything” is helping us move forward. 




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