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Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: The Goddess Gets Free, An Initiation

November 15, 2020

This is the first episode in a special series entitled, “Courting the Divinity of Pleasure,” 6 episodes honoring and celebrating the Mistress of Longing.

Part one, The Goddess Gets Free, An Initiation, marks the one year anniversary since my book, The Mistress of Longing was launched. You are invited to gather joy with me over the next 6 weeks as She takes us to the doorstep of 2021, revealing parts of ourselves so very ready to be seen.

In this episode, we explore:

When the Goddess gets free, so do we.

Sacred Timing and Revelation: the Mistress comes at a time when we need Her most—during immense change, unrest, to help us reveal ourselves to ourselves. This is homecoming.

As the Mistress reveals herself, we do, too. She is a divine feminine archetype, lost, hidden and yet ever near, waiting for when the time is ripe to come out of hiding. To be seen and known, honored and reached for. Just like us.

She is the One asking us all to live our wildly naked truth.

She is the One guiding us into the temple of sensuality, the senses, lusciousness, and embodiment.

Power rests in pleasure. We are being “quickened” into this through the doorway of our bodies. The earth’s body, soul’s body, spirit’s body, our body.

The body knows how to reveal the divinity of our truth. Return to it. Receive swift clarity, wisdom, what is needed and wanted. The Mistress of Longing is a quickening into this new vision we are co-creating. 

Our longing is creating a vision, a dream. When we acknowledge this longing, we become a sacred revolution. 

The revolution is happening. 

She is the vital force of light breathing us. That is us. She is the pulse of vitality dwelling within each and every cell of our being. She wants to be seen. Known. Felt. Not hidden.

The experience of soul’s desire to experience physical embodiment—in connection to others. To be seen, touched, to take up space, be heard, to feel. To love. To grieve. To enjoy. To see.

The invitation and initiation to get naked and reveal myself to myself. I share a personal story about my desire to come out. Finding the woman I love. Loving her. And what I chose to leave in order to do so. 

When the Goddess gets free, so do we.

The gifts that have resulted from revelation that I will be sharing and teaching—courting pleasure and love in an embodied way. Via all the senses. Bringing the heart, mind, body, and spirit together for enlivening, a quickening of empowerment, through softness, connection, communion, intimacy, and vitality.

Luscious Embodiment by Lotuswei. Try it. (By the way, I don’t receive anything by sharing their products. I just love them and I can’t help myself)

This special series is a fleshing out—an embodiment of courses, workshops, writings, retreats, and gathering sacred in myriad, forthcoming ways.

It is time to come into communion with the Soul of Life, individually, in community, in relationship. 

How to be with what we love. This is available daily. This is what it means to court our pleasure—to feel it all, to take it in, slowly, mindfully, heart fully, digest and integrate it. 

Rituals of courting pleasure. How they heal, soothe, enliven, empower. Practices as rituals you can use this next week. Including chocolate and yummy essential oils.

My dog Roland, nudges all of us to tune into what Nature wants us to know. What wants to be touched? Heard? Kissed? Connected? You might hear him giving me gentle “sniffy kisses” while I wrap up this episode.

Journal Prompt: what are you courting?

I’ll be sharing rituals for the senses in each episode of this series.

The simple and elegant pleasure of eating when we’re hungry.

When the Goddess gets free, so do we.

To purchase your copy of The Mistress of Longing, visit for a signed copy. There’s also a chance to win a channeled session with the Mistress of Longing over the weekend of the 13th with purchase. Options are available via Kindle and paperback. 

Or visit

Thank you for being with me and celebrating this life. 

As always, may you know, you are sacred. This moment is ceremony. And you get to live your wildly naked truth. 


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