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Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: Illuminating Your Soulskin with Sacred Touch and Sound

November 22, 2020

This is part two of a special series dedicated to the Mistress of Longing. In this series, we explore the divinity of pleasure. In this episode, we dive into touch as an essential doorway to retrieving and experiencing soulskin.

What would it be like to court your longing? To be free by and with longing instead of feeling oppressed by it?

The senses are gorgeous gateways—openings into the physical and mystical realms of what we long to court and what longs to court us.

The Mistress of Longing wants us to reveal ourselves to ourselves—to take on the vision we came here with and court it.

When body becomes flushed with radiance, opportunity for receiving what is sacred and what belongs to us opens up in ways we perhaps haven’t yet imagined.

Signs” as reminders of what is True and how to keep courting it. A visit from a Hawk helps me step into an embodied experience of great pleasure in my life.

What signs are courting YOU?

A message from the Mistress of Longing: miracles are really experiences/revelations of receiving Truth.

In many ways, we have lost our extraordinary vision and are being courted back to it so that when Truth comes to visit, it’s not a rare and miraculous thing, it’s a reminder that we are being held within It all the time.

The longing to feel inner warmth. We all long for it. Touch is a sacred necessity that heals, enlivens, and also helps us release what we’ve been holding onto that’s ready to go.

To know pleasure via touch—and the skin—this is a courting of our soulskin and a re-membering what it’s like to feel sacred in our own skin.

Pleasure soothes the nervous system and breathes new fire into our lifeforce and the inner force of our creativity.

Practical and useful ways to experience being in your soul’s skin and be in communion with life and divinity.

A prompt for reflecting on the ways in which you have been courted by life.

Setting our gaze upon that which will bring communion with pleasure is a way to court what we long for.

How does nature’s soul court you? 

The importance of sacred sound coming together with touch to create a harmonious integration of the elements, body, heart, mind, spirit.

Letting yourself be “captured” by the sense creates the capacity to thrive.

Practical ways to work with sound and touch together.

There is an essential invitation to join ourselves with sound and touch to embrace the sustainability that connection brings. Especially as Covid restrictions begin to tighten again during the winter months.

The power of release through sound and touch—grief, suffering, challenge. 

Let us make our way toward communion with our divine birthright to receive, know, and share pleasure.


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