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Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: Behold the Blessing Bowl

December 20, 2020

This is a channeled episode and part of a special series, Courting the Divinity of Pleasure, dedicated to the Mistress of Longing.

Consider how you are living your wildly naked truth and/or how you would like to?

We explore a poem from my first book, The Reach is (w)holy, entitled Blessing Bowl.

Move softly in

caress your strength

it doesn’t have to be hard

write a new story

rest inside that place

where grace and fierceness reside.


How can your softness be fierce? How can you be a blessing bowl for your life?

How have your own ancestors taught you about strength? What alchemy is calling you to transmute that which feels hard?

There’s no part of you that isn’t holy. 

Each story of you is part of the great book of life. There is a remedy in every store. 

The difference between a nightmare and a dream.

The New Moon & Solar Eclipse—how darkness mantles the light and then makes it better known—something new is being revealed as another line being added to the story, to the blessing bowl, of your life.

Channeling the Mistress begins at 13:18.

Moving past closed doors and taking the leap into the now.

“Darling, this is a rebirth.”  

This is a new fresh life.

Connecting with the earth and being bathed in a new vision. Mirrors that connect us. The Mistress of Longing pours healing ambrosia over us—

this is the nectar of Hummingbird medicine. It is time for our voices to quiver and release the sweetest sounds of truth, love, and grace to be in the fullest expression of who we are.

We are wearing the coat of a Hummingbird.

Let the doors that are closed be closed. Open your eyes to the new life around you now. 

What is the wildest vision for your life at THIS moment? 

Trust what you see/feel/know now.

An invitation to play with a blessing bowl practice for the rest of the month (or as long as you wish) to activate, call in and live your wildest, most expansive truth with reverence and attention.

Working with the both/and space—two more short poems shared, “heart door,” and “wild woman within,” from The Reach is (W)holy.

For the rest of December, I’m gifting a signed copy of The Mistress of Longing when you purchase a “she wants you to know” session. These are channeled sessions from the Mistress of Longing specific to you and your life. These are great gifts, too!

May you remember that you are sacred. This moment is ceremony. And you do get to live your wildly naked truth.

Thank you for being here. 


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