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Come Back: Be Held in the Center

July 9, 2021

Returning to the center of things and the things that truly matter. Removing our attention from the static and distraction and coming back to the heart compass.

Reflecting upon impermanence to choose what is possible and alive in this moment.

What do you belong to in this wild, fresh moment? 

What do you want to invest yourself in and how do you wish to be invested in?

What feels like gentle homecoming? What does that feel like in your body? 

Let harmony guide you—your body knows what this means. When are you choosing yourself, your current needs—when does your internal experience feel aligned and harmonious with whatever might be happening around you? And when do you notice feeling disharmony and a sense of leaving yourself behind?

It’s normal to get distracted and taken away. Even in the most beautiful place we can get lost in thoughts, beliefs, and old patterns and choose “disharmony.” Underneath it all is clear, calm, constant harmony. We get to continue to come back to that space over and over again. It’s a practice.

Going “off course” doesn’t mean we’ve done anything wrong. It means we’re human. 

How do you come back to yourself and this fresh, awake, now moment?

Let’s explore the steady foundation of practicing presence, which can include choosing memories that help us come back to the truth of us—much like the poem I share— “emergence.”

Are you willing to believe in the miracles available inside this moment?

Watching and witnessing your breathing is a way to make direct contact with the revelation that belongs to you.

Emergence can be found in my first book, The Reach Is (W)holy.

To learn more about ways to spend time at the hearthfire with me, visit my website I’m currently booking individual sessions September - December. I have some exciting announcements coming soon about The School of Wild & Holy; an intimate 6 month program to move deeply with life and receive the sacred mystery teachings you’ve been called to live and share.

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