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Claiming Your Divinity

September 24, 2021

Embracing the harvest: gratitude, reflection, and calling in. Join Wendy to explore the deeper call of what it means to honor grace in your life right now. How are you being invited into an experience of expanding joy, meaning, passion, creativity, and love?

What would it be like to hold the intention of just being you? 

What are you harvesting and celebrating now? What are you still hungry for?

I share from personal experience what it means to follow soul’s call, how I devote myself to love, divinity, and my path, through change, challenge, and uprooting my entire life. 

Permission to be terrified, ask for help, live supported, and make your life sacred.

Longing is the embodiment of sovereignty when we are willing to know and trust our truth.

Longing goes deep into the roots of us. It is why we are here. It is a generous expression of soul. It is your divinity whispering into you the way to get home. It’s not a “beach read,” it’s the book of your life.

There is a gorgeous seed of light living inside each of us. Now is the time to let the layers fall away so that the light can grow. Our desire is that light.

Claiming what is unclaimed within us is how we come home. 

You are allowed to change, to move your life in a new direction. You are allowed to rest. Reflect. To let things fall away. To begin again. To create. To love whatever you love. 

“There is no such thing as one way liberation.” —Glennon Doyle

You are here to be you. And you are so much more than you know.

“Accept the nudge, be moved by love.”

Home is a deeper expression of who you really are—and home will always show you this.

I share the poems See-saw & All This Time.

”I want to know what you ache for but do not say.”

Create your own map so that you can freely explore the home of you in your fullest expression.

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and to treat yourself to a luscious afternoon virtual retreat, join us on October 16th for Permission: A Sacred Threshold to Your Desire


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