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Catch the Stars, Say Yes

January 17, 2021

Wendy shares an exciting announcement about an offering coming this Valentine’s and Spring in The School of Wild & Holy—dedicated to your YES, feeling luscious in your bones. It’s essential now, more than ever, to rest inside pleasure. 

We explore what it means to say yes—what does saying yes mean to YOU? How can you trust yourself to know what your yes is? How can you deepen into what is true for you?

Your inhale is a sacred yes to life. Use the constant invitation of your breathing to affirm what is real and true for you.

The importance of locating your inner authority, your sovereign self.

The importance of the exhale, the release, the letting go. 

We are ever and always approaching intersections of choice; knowing this can support the constant change that is inevitable. Knowing what to hold onto and what we believe in is such a worthy investment and helps us let go of what doesn’t feel in alignment.

How would you answer the following:

I believe ____________________

I stand for ______________________

I am willing to rise up for __________________

I want to feel ________________________________

I long for ____________________________

I know ________________________

I trust __________________.

I believe your breath is a prayer.

I believe words are prayers.

What words do you wish to hold close to your heart?

What clues does your body make available for your knowing?

What captivates you? Draws your attention to it? That’s a yes. How might you give yourself permission to move closer to it? 

I explore what the Mistress of Longing means by “leaving rose petals at the gate.”

Whatever you’re saying yes to is what you are inviting into your life—what are you opening yourself to? Are the ways you are saying yes that are no longer congruent to the life you want to live?

Discernment is a key to unlock your heart’s true vision and let it in.

We “grow into” who we already are by listening, uncovering, acknowledging, embodying. It’s a process. A practice. A life’s journey. 

We are growing into our own inner authority—this is part of the Great Call Back for our collective, our world. Knowing and living what is in alignment with our own inner authority, it serves the whole. 

Becoming is coming closer to our soul—coming home to that which is true. 

Using “first thought, best thought,” as a practice. At least as a place to begin in order to understand and know your yes.

At any time, the one word prayer “ensename,” as given by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, is a powerful way to learn what your yes is. It means “show me.” There is great strength and medicine in asking to be shown.

Messages from the body and heart and the truth they reflect. The body came knowing what is true—what is a yes. If for any reason that is triggering or not available to you from current or past events in your life, please do reach out for support and safety. You are sacred and worthy of having the life you long for.

How do particular words FEEL when you say them? That’s an important exploration. Words are a prayer when we use them and say them. If you are working with a word(s) for the year—consider how that word is a prayer, an altar, a sacred space to hold what you believe in—your yes.

I share my poem entitled Catch the Stars. I also relate back to the previous episode when I channeled the Akasha and the Great Star Nation for the month of January. If you haven’t listened yet, you might want to check it out.


”catch the stars, drink down their light, say

I am rooted
I am real
I am holy delight.”
Thank you for listening. May you know boundless blessings.

If you feel called to explore your yes in more depth with me, visit my website here to learn more

You can order The Mistress of Longing here

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