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Boundless: How The Ache Leads To Love

April 16, 2021

Today we explore how the heart loves, love as currency, and its true unlimited nature. 

The wisdom of an ornamental cherry tree and the message she shared.

We don’t have to be small with our love. The story that there’s a limited supply of love can and wants to be rewritten.  

What beliefs about “not enough” might hold you back from your truth and the joy waiting for you?

How can you unlock the doors of your love and let it be a blessing for the world?

The truth about the throbbing ache of love and how our longing is meant to reveal what we already have. 

Prayer as a way to move closer to the unlimited resource of love.

Why Tai and I created The Longing Project.

——Send a postcard to P.O. Box 6112, Asheville, N.C., 28816.

Ways to understand what you really long for and why it’s important.

How to get your life back and remember/uncover why you’re here. 

The Signature Soul Bath Experience: A rite of passage that honors you, your life, and escorts you through the river of light that encompasses your soul’s signature.

A short guided meditation to invite you into your own exquisite nature for relaxation and replenishment.

I share the poems Boundless & Chalice.

Chalice can be found in my first book, The Reach Is (W)holy.

Thank you so much for joining me in this sacred space. I’m always honored and delighted to be with you in this way. 

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Big love & deep gratitude,


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