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An Uprising of Connection: The Longing Project

March 26, 2021

Today Wendy explores her thoughts about shared suffering after difficult and challenging events over the last week.

Moving from a place of love, together.

“I want to know what you ache for but do not say,” from the poem, Rose Petals.

Now is the time to move ever deeper into what longing is. I share more on that and announce a new passion project my beautiful partner and I felt inspired to create #longingproject.

What does longing mean to you? Is it needy? Is needing okay? Is it naval gazing? Selfish?

What if what you long for will save you? And not just you—all of us?

Longing as a primary need—a navigational tool for alignment with soul—a deep, directive, inner ache. 

How knowing and understanding our own longings can be an embodiment of healer—an uprising that makes love and compassion and evolution possible. 

What is it that you long to help heal within yourself and in the world?

Longing is the soul’s aspiration. 

Are you willing to let your aching come out of the darkness and be seen? Write down your longing (anonymously if you choose)—share it with me—with someone you love—use #longingproject on social media or share with me @shegathersbeauty,, or via email at


What you care about matters deeply—what your soul is trying to point you to, it matters more than you know. 

Everyone’s longing should have a safe and sacred space to be seen, acknowledged, and held so that we can connect to each other in new, revolutionary ways.

What will you rise up for? That is a longing. Let us share this aspiration together. Let us create an uprising of love, as a community devoted to healing and soulful evolution.

I share a short presence meditation to bring some ease and comfort into your day. 

I have some exciting announcements coming soon about ways to work with me. Sign up for my newsletter to be the first to know at

May you know deep peace. Please reach out for support or drop a comment below and let me know what you long for. 

Sending vast love and gratitude. Thank you for listening. 


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