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Magnify Your Wild Light: A Guided Meditation

Magnify Your Wild Light: A Guided Meditation

November 26, 2021

I made something for you, beautiful listener! As we enter into the holiday season, there's no better time to increase self-care, receive kindness, feel restful, and practice coming home to the center of us.

You are wild light. 

Magnify your love and radiance.

Enjoy this guided meditation to experience reverence for all that is sacred within. Light a candle, get comfortable, gift yourself ease, love, clear-seeing, and comfort. 

The Lands and Rivers of You: Fully Occupying Your Life

The Lands and Rivers of You: Fully Occupying Your Life

November 19, 2021

Join me as I share my own behind-the-scenes process about betrayal and the path back to sovereignty.

This is a story about my body and what she's trying to show me when I choose external validation and reject the most sacred love story of my life--choosing to be the poet of my own heart. I live for poetry and often the subject is about love and longing. Recently, I've been able to see how every poem I write is a love letter to my soul. 

Explore the ways your body will tell you when you've strayed from true self and true home--and the myriad ways we have grown to diminish ourselves when we place our love and power in someone else's hands. 

Knowing the feeling sense of "diminishment" can be a potent signal to step back into ourselves.  

I wonder if you know all the miracles waiting for you on this day and all the days to come when you choose to fully occupy the wild country of yourself?

I wonder if you're open to the vast potential living within you? What will it take to walk love's wild edge and choose yourself again and again?

What if every prayer, poem, and love song was written for you?

Life mirrors the possibility for homecoming in each moment. Especially when we abandon ourselves.

Cancel culture and self-abandonment.

Daily preventative practices that summon our sovereignty and restore soul are so important. Perhaps now more than ever. If you haven't already listened to episode 64, "Be Coated With Love," now is the time. This is an Akashic reading for our community that provides powerful instruction for heart tending, protection, and feeling love(d).

At the end of this episode, I share a short, guided heart ritual for homecoming. 

Special Offering: Let's summon the power of this time of year and feel deep connection to self & others. Join us for a very special storytelling series as we approach the threshold of releasing this year and all that has come, and enter into a new year and all we are becoming in sacred community. Be seen. Be sovereign. We begin this Sunday, November 21st with the story of The Ugly Duckling. It's not too late to sign up and gather round the hearth fire with us.

Words I Want To Kiss You With: Poetry, Edges, and the Moon

Words I Want To Kiss You With: Poetry, Edges, and the Moon

November 12, 2021

Tell me, what is your yes? What is alive within you? What is life asking you to release? To fully embody?

The way you feel, it matters.

The way the moon is moving inside you, it matters. 

How are you meeting the wild edges of yourself?

What will you give yourself permission to be, feel, do, receive, believe, give?

There’s always a threshold opportunity to help us embody our yes.

This life is a constant ceremony—and everything is a love story.

The power in believing in your love—and leaning into the unknown.

I beg you, don’t let go of your hallelujah.

If you’d like to receive a love note from my heart to yours and be supported while you’re living at your edges, you can sign up for my newsletter here:

Poems shared in this episode: She Is Mine, Lion’s Moon, The Curve of Yes, and An Unplanned Gathering of Love.



Be Coated With Love

Be Coated With Love

November 5, 2021

Be coated with love is the theme for this week’s episode, channeled from the Great Akasha.

Make your favorite cup of tea and listen in. Let yourself get cozy and comfy and see how the message translates to what you’re experiencing. 

We are being invited to trust where we are, let go of any ideas about right and wrong and let life surprise us.

We’re offered a daily practice for the month of November to help us “grow into ourselves.”

There’s a lot of medicine packed into this little episode—I hope it brings some comfort and blessings to you.

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