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Wild Devotion: How Your Prayers Are Answered

Wild Devotion: How Your Prayers Are Answered

October 29, 2021

What if the tenderness living wild and alive inside you is a prayer?

How is it being answered?

What if our tenderness and vulnerability are a prayer?

How are you praying? Even in the silence, your heart is asking for something.

One of the miracles available is our ability to see how the answer arrives. Especially when it doesn’t arrive the way we think it will. 

Your desire is a prayer, even when you won’t let yourself feel it. 

Answers arrive when we liberate our longing—when we give it free speech to take up space. 

How are you living wide and taking up space? 

There’s a community of revolutionaries rising and I share more about that and #longingproject in this episode. You can learn more at

You get to live your wildly naked truth.

May it be so. 

Love From the Blue Lotus: An Akashic Records Reading for You

Love From the Blue Lotus: An Akashic Records Reading for You

October 22, 2021

Today I open the Akashic Records, revealing a potent message for the listeners of this podcast. I briefly describe the Akasha and share what often happens for those who are the recipients of these messages. 

The Records are a sacred space for us to access Truth from the great Storehouse of all that is, remember our sovereignty, life purpose, and provide myriad expressions and opportunities to receive healing, upliftment, and ceremony.

The ritual of and ways to receive an Akashic Records Reading. 

A guided relaxation and deepening into the presence of being held.

The Blue Lotus shares Her message with us:

it is dark and yet there is so much light; the message is about remembering hope; even in darkness, Great light and beauty is happening; darkness is the mystery of all life; life happens with death; the Blue Lotus is a great healing light reaching for us, inviting us home; this time is the Great Gathering Sacred; breathe now, She says; Open and rest, open and rest; what moves away from you is meant to, it will return your Truth back to you, with noble wisdom; You are Noble Wisdom; lower your gaze to the center of yourself, to the center of everything, where we all are, held in the center of Her; She holds the vast and luminous great mystery; the stars are Her heartbeats, Her eyes, and I’s, the multiple perspectives of Her, which is us; we must forget and re-member ourselves again; release and let go, strength and clarity is returning now; re-chord your dreams, your vision, your hopes, and aspirations, belong to this homecoming now.

The Blue Lotus offers a nighttime practice and ritual for deep rest, healing, and homecoming.

Thank you for listening. If you’d like to receive your own Akashic Reading, you can book yours here

Many Blessings and All Love.



Don’t Be So Careful: What if that was your last kiss?

Don’t Be So Careful: What if that was your last kiss?

October 15, 2021

What are you growing into? 

What do you long to embody?

What if something you experienced was the last time you’d experience it? What if the last kiss you had was the last one? And what if it wasn’t but you let yourself remember that everything will change—how would you bring your whole self into the next kiss? Into grief and sadness? Into this moment? Into whatever you love?

Appreciating being here. What can you find home in right now?

Being rearranged, knowing the sacredness of it, even when it doesn’t feel that way. Inviting the breath in, letting it show you the way with its elegant rhythm, moving in and out. 

If you pick one thing to wear today that would represent how you want to live into this moment like it’s the last moment, what would it be? Your favorite shirt? A piece of jewelry? An essential oil? Choose comfort and ceremony. How will you wear your love?

Slowing down and growing into the journey of this life. Letting longing be birthed as a spark from within. 

Getting acquainted with the fire of our soul. 

The practice of living your wildly naked truth.

Remembering to trust. And the trust in remembering.

I share the poem Deep Violets, Wild Pines.

Where can you let go of being so careful and live your you-ness now. Seek it out. What would living more wildly look like?

Begin a new alchemy. “Wear your love like perfume.”

Saturday, October 23rd, join me for Permission, a luscious and sacred virtual retreat.

If you’d like to receive invitations to special offerings and love notes from me, visit to sign up for my weekly newsletter. As soon as you land on the home page, a little note will pop up and you can sign up there.


When You’re Redirected, You’ll Be Ready

When You’re Redirected, You’ll Be Ready

October 8, 2021

How do we hold our intentions, longings, dreams, and desires while simultaneously not holding too tightly to any particular outcome?

Explore the immensity of how so many of us are being asked to let go, be redirected, and move into the center of our lives.

I share a personal story about being rear-ended and all the ways I gained clarity that sometimes we need to be rerouted. *Trigger Alert: this is a fairly mild, or “gentle” story about a car accident I was in. It comes at the beginning of the episode. If in any way that feels like too much, you might fast forward to the middle of the episode or skip this one. 

When we experience trauma, it’s so important to let someone help us move through it. Please reach out to someone who is a trauma-informed practitioner, a therapist, a friend, a shamanic healer—someone you can trust to help you find peace, comfort, safety, and healing.

Letting go of practicing learned self-abandonment and choosing our whole selves instead.

Taking up space and having full permission to claim that which has been unclaimed within us.

Working with embodiment and presence practices in order to locate who and where we are and where we might be being nudged to go. 

When we’re re-directed or rerouted, we are ready. 

I share the poems “The Song” and “The Dream” by Naomi Shihab Nye.

An invitation to my upcoming offering, Permission: Moving Through Sacred Thresholds, October 23rd, from 1:00-4:00 pm EST. This is an experiential virtual retreat, designed as a sacred container to come home to yourself, and uncover and say yes to your deepest truths. During our time together we will merge the practical with the mystical. You will experience what it’s like to live your yes and be supported by and deeply connected to your soul’s longings. For more information visit


Let It Linger: Summoning a Healing Story

Let It Linger: Summoning a Healing Story

October 1, 2021

You are not broken. You are wounded. And inside the wound, is your remedy. 

The world might be broken. Systems and infrastructures certainly are. But we aren’t. We’ve forgotten the truth of who we are.

Your remedy involves your soul’s dream. And your soul’s dream is part of the collective dream. Lingering for a while in curiosity widens our capacity to dream again. We suffer when we forget this.

How can you give yourself permission to be present with your sense of woundedness while also being open to finding the remedy there, as well?

The (w)holiness of Eve and her longing.

How gifts become wounds and wounds, gifts.

Thank you for listening!

If this episode or previous episodes inspire or resonate with you, I invite you to join me for Permission: Stepping Through Sacred Thresholds, an afternoon virtual retreat on Saturday, October 23rd.  We’ll explore the topic of lingering inside the gift of you, the dream of you, and the moving toward knowing and living the truth of you.

In this spacious and sacred experiential retreat, I will provide a safe and grounded container to explore your yes and the healing and expansion you’re ready for.

This virtual retreat is for women who feel as though they are standing at a crossroads and sense or know it’s time to step forward and be who they are in a new way and are ready to be guided by their own inner wisdom keeper and the support of a beautiful and intimate collective, my shamanic practices and helping spirits, and the elegant nature of soulfulness. Participants will walk away with a much clearer picture of what’s truly calling them and how to take the next steps forward, while feeling aligned with their authentic truth, desire, and sense of belonging. Here’s the link to learn more and save your seat for Permission: Stepping Through Sacred Thresholds


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