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The Journey: A Poem & A Message from the Akasha

The Journey: A Poem & A Message from the Akasha

August 27, 2021

While this message feels deeply important to share, the recording level is a bit low. I invite you to crank up the volume!

We explore being with the domain of our heart—and with the tender and wobbly vulnerable parts of life. 

Permission to show up exactly as you are—no matter what’s happening and no matter what messaging might be occurring that says you need to be different than you are.

I channel a message from the Akasha for all of us. Some glimpses into what we are shown in this guided journey:

move through the threshold presenting itself to you now. there are leagues of angelic ones standing with each of us. stand at the precipice you’ve been led to. they’re asking us to remove the blindfolds to truth when we’re  ready. open your eyes and see what you see. there will be glimpses of what’s available now. our eyes are adjusting while we are digesting the new content and reality of life now. we are integrating what is deeply good. we are remembering what has been forgotten. we are being asked to trust at the precipice. we are being asked to be willing to take the next step and know that we will be met by something soft and divine.

The messages continue and deepen. Listen in and see what nourishment arrives for you. We are given helpful instructions for ways to be supported and grounded at this time.

There is the promise of a new legacy.

We are invited to be the fire keepers of our own Hearthfire. 

I share a poignant and powerful poem, a favorite of mine, by the great Mary Oliver. 

May you know great comfort and boundless blessings. 

A Visit from Hummingbird: Finding the Nectar, No Matter What’s Happening

A Visit from Hummingbird: Finding the Nectar, No Matter What’s Happening

August 20, 2021

Hummingbird makes a visit and shares a message about gathering nectar and being a part of something beautiful and true.

The invitation to locate the ways you are being held while you are holding so much. 

Practicing presence in the midst of despair, fear, and challenge to access the sacred breath of peace that Life has to offer.

Your breath is a prayer.

Cultivating calm and increasing the relaxation response with mindfulness.

What is alive and true for you in this moment?

What brings sweetness into your life? How can you be nourished with what is available now?

There’s nothing right or wrong about how you’re breathing right now. You are so much more than the limitation of right or wrong.

Something elegant is occurring in this moment. 

You are being supported in this moment.

Practical ways to make contact with the Mystery and altar your life.

Let yourself remember you are being held. Give your weight to what’s holding you.

Be supported.


I read the poem “the soft curved bowl of you.”

Join us in a sacred collective, “Writing & Ecstasy,” a virtual retreat experience Saturday, September 4th—we’ll enjoy a luscious afternoon filled with spacious inner self-care. Receive a message from Spirit uniquely for the collective that gathers that day. Find (w)holy ecstasy in the ordinary rounds of daily life.

Dear Anger, Your Longing Matters,Too

Dear Anger, Your Longing Matters,Too

August 13, 2021

Anger has incredible healing power and it wants to lead us back to something sacred within. 

We can learn how to be with the wild edges and unknown force of our own anger, even when it feels scary, we can learn how to titrate our experience.

Rage and anger are different. Rage is anger that has gone unseen and untended to. Learning how to BE WITH our anger when it arrives can be a profound healing story and can be a preventative measure that brings about greater intimacy, love, and connection with our whole selves.

Messages about anger and the real wisdom of its essence.

Anger wants expression—it wants to move through us.

The body has a world of intelligence about this. Being mad is a fierce storm that when given permission to pass through, a clear realization and fresh beginning becomes available. 

After working with children and adults over the years as a psychotherapist and mindfulness instructor, I’ve gathered a few helpful tools for how to move and express the energy of our anger. I share a few practical ways to be with anger when it visits.

All of our feelings want us. They all have a sacred message and it’s up to us to be with, care for, and discern what is needed in the moment.

This helps us learn how to trust ourselves with our biggest feelings and challenges and create a safe and loving environment within us and around us in which we can truly and fully express ourselves.

I share the poems “Chispa” and “Great Dark Wing” from my first book,
The Reach Is (W)holy.



A Heart Map for August: A Message from the Akasha

A Heart Map for August: A Message from the Akasha

August 6, 2021

Welcome to August! Enjoy this special Akashic Records Reading for our beautiful, expanding community.

The doors are open wide now and we are invited into the place of possibility.

There are all kinds of openings, including doorways that lead to the past. This is a portal to review past dreams, aspirations, and visions to better understand and be with what is current for you now. 

The sacred role of fear. It is the energy that can help us move in the direction of our true life path.

It can feel scary to leave the past—the invitation is to trust that you have the sovereign right to review and rewrite, feel and reclaim what continues to be true and what does not—what has been shed and is ready to be released? Feeling the truth of this, the depth of what you are being shown, including the loss, will enable you to actually move more freely and into the presence of now with increased confidence and embodied discernment.

There is much to be gained. 

The New Moon in Leo and the Lion’s Gate August 8, 2021.

Trusting ourselves and the heart of expansion.

That which you are drawn to is drawn to you. Opening the heart space creates a mirror for you to see the truth of this reflection. Working with the body to see, know, and feel.

Your light is a mirror of the One Great Light.

We belong to great expansion.

Creative and insightful ways to work with the guidance of this Akashic Records reading.

Three Divine Doors begins tomorrow and is perfect timing to weave in this message from the Akasha! Join us—it’s not too late!

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