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Poetry Inside You: Honey for Your Lips

Poetry Inside You: Honey for Your Lips

May 28, 2021

A circle of mystics wants to lift the veils for you, between this and that, revealing something sacred in the space between.

You have always been poetry.

It’s okay to want to know what sacred messengers have to share. Ask. Say you are ready to receive. Let the songlines under your feet become light codes from something vast and whole. Be bathed in something new underneath the generosity of the full moon. Go out into the night and find what is waiting for you. Create ritual and practice gratitude.

Write down the clues showing up around you. Tuck them into pockets so they can be found treasure exactly when you need them. There are ways, so many ways, to be with the truth that is wanting you.

May you know every blessing. May your heart feel clear and true. Even if you are on your knees in wave after wave of grief or despair or feel stuck and cannot move—may you feel the warmth of something Greater holding ALL of you. You are wanted and all of you, sacred. 

Armed With Love: What the Stars Want You to Know

Armed With Love: What the Stars Want You to Know

May 21, 2021
How do rest and a sense of safety come to you? In times of despair and traversing the unknown, how can you feel grounded and free right here exactly as you are? And if things are ramping up around you and all you want to do is rest, how do you bring balance to your day? How do you choose what you belong to? How do you choose a moment of kindness for you?
Find a way. There’s something within your reach. Choose what feels good and right for you. Let your gaze move inward while you root down and spread your roots. Choose warm bread and honey daily. These are ways you can be free. When darkness comes, and it does because it is a calling out to something that desperately wants your attention, let it sit next to the light and be comforted. Darkness isn’t a bad thing. It is a gathering place for light. 
Remember the truth of sanctuary. Let it rest in your arms. Love is not an extravagant pursuit. It is poetry and the safe roof over your head. It is water. And a vision for something beautiful in your life. It is the joy found when you give yourself to grace. And gratitude.
Love is soul. It is the rootedness of trees and the clouds moving across the sky. It is the stars showing themselves to us on a dark winter night. It is embodiment while we are here. It is the taking in and receiving of beauty as an essential elixir that soothes and restores, reminds us we don’t have as much time as we think we do. Feel more, actually...think a bit less. Lead with the heart.
Slow down, love. Take the walk. Let the ancient ones whisper your true name over you. Feel your feet on the earth. Honey on your tongue. Your lovers heartbeat beneath your palm. Laugh and play. Blow bubbles. Rest in the sun. 
May you unwrap a morsel of joy today. May you be armed with love. 
Rest Here: This Moment Is For You

Rest Here: This Moment Is For You

May 14, 2021

A few moments of mindfulness can gently refocus your inner gaze and be “an uprising of softness.” Mindful awareness can be practiced at anytime. Remember what matters most to you—let yourself rest for a moment or two of calm centering.

You have a choice about the pace and focus of your day. Let this be your reminder. Taking a few moments for yourself as a daily practice can “reset” the sacred space within you. You are worthy of being on your “to-do” list.

“I have seen warriorship like this.”

It’s okay to loosen the grip for a moment. Return to your needs. You and your sense of peace matters. Everything else will wait. 

Taking time for ourselves helps us clear the way, breathe a little slower and deeper, and show up for those we care about today with more compassion and presence. This creates more possibility  for us all.

This is a practice of love.




Pleasure Matters: Let It Be Soft

Pleasure Matters: Let It Be Soft

May 7, 2021

It doesn’t have to be hard. Let it be soft. Dropping into the truth of the moment—it’s your time to shine, be seen, share your gifts AND you don’t have to burn the candle at both ends to light the world (or yourself) up! What do you really need for body, heart, mind nourishment?

The paradigm of go, go, go, is no longer relevant. We don’t have to buy into that anymore. We get to bring pleasure and rest into our daily experience. We get to choose softness. We get to choose balance. We get to choose an embodied heart revolution.

Pleasure matters. 

“Your love is poised to hold it all” because your love is being held by the one great wild heart. You in your human divinity—you are made of stardust and real emotions, needs, desires—you get to altar it all.

All of you belongs. There is nothing you need to do or be for that to be true. You came that way.

I lead you through a guided meditation to increase your capacity to receive by way of relaxing into presence and a special gift from a sacred messenger.

Thank you for listening. May you know more and more ease, joy, and relaxation today. 


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