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Expecting Miracles: You Are Wild Grace

Expecting Miracles: You Are Wild Grace

April 30, 2021

A sacred question to consider—how are miracles present in your daily life? How can your perceptions shift and open, creating a wider lens for the truth of you that brings forth more radiance in your daily experience?

Messages coming through the Dreamtime. Receiving soul and gathering grace.

Poems: Soul’s Heart & Wild Grace

An invitation to be with what’s happening in your life right now; build an altar, exhale.

I reference Marianne Williamson, A Course In Miracles, and Osho.

The process of recognizing—and the miracle of it.

Looking for clues—life is showing you all the time.

Giving yourself permission to open up and let go now.

What questions do you have that you would like me to speak about on the podcast? Topics of interest that feel related to this gathering space are welcome, too!  My desire is to keep building this community for the benefit of all beings everywhere. 

The Longing Project and how you can get involved. #longingproject #shegathersbeauty

Experience a softer way inside the story of you.

Thank you for listening. 


Daily Rituals: Living Fully

Daily Rituals: Living Fully

April 23, 2021

Daily ritual sets the tone for how we experience life. It increases pleasure, trust, and clarity while also helping us live with grace, feeling held and supported. Setting everything else down so that we can have a moment or two of sacred reflection and intention opens us to the blessings of this precious life.


We all know what it’s like to move through chaos, challenge, and the unknown. The truth is, we can stay connected to what means the most to us, lifts us, and anchors us no matter what’s happening. 

I share a few daily rituals of my own and the importance of letting them be imperfect, messy, and real.

I also share a few of my favorite blessing poems by John O’Donohue.


Are you ready to be honored and celebrated for all you’ve moved through? Would you like to embrace the coming days, weeks, and years from a place of voluptuous vitality and meaning? Join me for an expansive and transformative three-month series of your own sacred retreats. Find out more

Thank you for listening! Have a beautiful week!



Boundless: How The Ache Leads To Love

Boundless: How The Ache Leads To Love

April 16, 2021

Today we explore how the heart loves, love as currency, and its true unlimited nature. 

The wisdom of an ornamental cherry tree and the message she shared.

We don’t have to be small with our love. The story that there’s a limited supply of love can and wants to be rewritten.  

What beliefs about “not enough” might hold you back from your truth and the joy waiting for you?

How can you unlock the doors of your love and let it be a blessing for the world?

The truth about the throbbing ache of love and how our longing is meant to reveal what we already have. 

Prayer as a way to move closer to the unlimited resource of love.

Why Tai and I created The Longing Project.

——Send a postcard to P.O. Box 6112, Asheville, N.C., 28816.

Ways to understand what you really long for and why it’s important.

How to get your life back and remember/uncover why you’re here. 

The Signature Soul Bath Experience: A rite of passage that honors you, your life, and escorts you through the river of light that encompasses your soul’s signature.

A short guided meditation to invite you into your own exquisite nature for relaxation and replenishment.

I share the poems Boundless & Chalice.

Chalice can be found in my first book, The Reach Is (W)holy.

Thank you so much for joining me in this sacred space. I’m always honored and delighted to be with you in this way. 

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Big love & deep gratitude,


It’s Time to Receive: Be Drenched in Luminosity

It’s Time to Receive: Be Drenched in Luminosity

April 9, 2021

This is such a juicy episode!

I share a very sacred message for you from the Great Cosmic Grandmother Tree. 

It is time to take up space, receive, be drenched in delight. 

You are meant to experience being honored, celebrated, and receive all that is meant for your rooted, sweet, expansion.

You are possibility wanted by Possibility.

Why ritual and rites of passage are so very necessary and why your soul wants them.

Welcome to the Signature Soul Bath Experience! This is my new one-on-one offering—a rite of passage, created for the celebration of you and the honoring of where you are along the winding path of your life. I discuss what these soul retreats are, what you will receive, and the empowering blessings and tools you will walk away with at the end of our journey together.

Current offerings will be phased out soon—please do take advantage of these! Special bundles and exquisite rates are currently available. Stock up while you can!


Visit my website to learn more.

Diving into the poem “Be Wide.” Belonging, expansion, replenishment.

A guided meditation.

A ritual suggestion for the upcoming New Moon in Aries.

As always, thank you for being here. Your presence means everything! May you know every boundless blessing this New Moon is ready to offer you. May it be so. 


Rites of Passage: Revelation, Connection, Transformation and Honoring Heart Fire

Rites of Passage: Revelation, Connection, Transformation and Honoring Heart Fire

April 2, 2021

Today Wendy explores the importance of connection, discovering, knowing, engaging with being touched both literally and figuratively by life, by living, and by nature and what is being shown to us daily.

Enjoy the poem “She Aches.”

Guided imagery and meditations are sprinkled throughout this episode. 

Letting your heart fire expand luminosity throughout and around your entire being.

How is Nature asking you to engage with your inner experience? 

What is longing to wake up within you? What wants to be born? What is blooming? What is ready for a “re-set?”

How is this awakening revealing old beliefs that are ready to be transmuted into a new way of being and living?

What do you desire to receive? In what ways can you create space to do so? 

In the Northern Hemisphere, Spring is displaying all the ways life aches for life. To ache truly is a wild and holy thing.

In fact, it’s very good news.

We were encoded with this truth—at the center of it all, longing leads us to connection. 

You were built to receive. You are worthy of being invested in, in every way. You are meant to be celebrated, honored, seen, supported. 

The importance of rites of passage, the ways we have lost this incredibly sacred way of honoring, and how I will soon be sharing this practice in a way that is profoundly essential to the individual and the collective. 

A few ways COVID has been a rite of passage.

Longing to touch, be touched, hold and be held—this is a wisdom to pay attention to and invite in curiosity to help support this deep aching. 

Discerning and gathering sovereignty, self trust, choice, and capacity.

In this episode, I also share ways to engage with #longingproject, what’s at the heart of it, what does longing really mean and why does it matter?

  • Send a postcard to longing c/o Wendy Havlir Cherry, PO Box 6112, Asheville, NC 28816

  • Share it on social media using #longingproject and #shegathersbeauty

  • Leave it as an offering in a public place

  • Build an altar with it

  • Give it to someone you love

  • Or whatever feels most resonant for you!

You can also visit

I’ll be announcing my new signature offering soon! Stay tuned to the next episode to learn more about that, as well as ways to enjoy my current offerings before they’re no longer available.

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