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If You Want To Be Free And In Love

If You Want To Be Free And In Love

February 26, 2021

Today we explore the topic of choosing freedom and love and the ways in which we can devote ourselves to what we bump up against along the way.

Embracing and accepting the unraveling we feel inside discomfort. 

We can’t pick and choose what we feel if we really want to feel anything at all. I share my poem, “Great Dark Wing,” from The Reach Is (W)holy.

Will you find a way to choose yourself when intensity and discomfort arrive? How will you stand at the edge of yourself? 

I share a personal experience—a time when I was trying to abandon myself and my emotions wouldn’t let me. 


Fleshing out the idea that those we love and are in relationship with need us to need to want ourselves first. 

Ways we can bring in some extra support while feeling our longing and embracing our whole hearts.

Creating a whole heart “toolkit”

The medicine of essential oils and how they truly can shift and open us body, heart, mind, nervous system, and spirit. Of course, this is not a substitute for psychotherapy or medical attention. It is an example of a powerful way I have personally been supported. Having a whole heart toolkit helps provide our whole selves with an opportunity to heal and come into balance. How do you call in extra support? Friends, moving your body, meditation, play, rest? How do you nourish yourself with “food for the soul?”

Make a list of what you truly long for—this is a way to build relationship with the “bumps” and edge of your life. This list can include anything at all...your vision, a passion project, a grief calling you, a loss, an anger, an interruption—all of these are examples of what longs for us and how we can come into a state of belonging. Making contact with these things, that we might tend to turn away from, can bring the whole self, the whole heart, into balance. 

Inviting it all in (even the willingness to do so) is freedom and a fierce act of love. 

Each “bump” can lead us closer to love or further away from it. Curiosity about it can create a healing story.

May you know that you are sacred. This moment is ceremony. And you get to live your wildly naked truth.

You Are Made of Divinity: Let This Be Your Reverence Point

You Are Made of Divinity: Let This Be Your Reverence Point

February 19, 2021

Today we explore the role of devotion in daily living, especially during challenging times. 

Honoring the feast of our lives & celebrating you and all you have experienced in your life thus far. 

Planting love notes in your life, especially where fear lives.

An invitation for a sacred contemplation: what is your reverence point?

Building a circle of sacred for you.

YOU are made of DIVINITY. 

How are you devoting yourself to your life? To your divinity? Where would you like to place your gaze?

Write new devotions—a ritual. 

The importance of being seen and witnessed —by others, by something greater, & in your own eyes. 

Ceremony and ritual as rites of passage and the necessity of this kind of intention and attention. 

The power of asking to be shown when we don’t know how—“help me steep myself and know myself in my own divinity.”

Creating pleasure letters—placing pleasure more in the forefront of our consciousness. Pleasure can save us from the depths of challenge. We can hold the grief and fear and discomfort AND invite in pleasure—even the smallest doses can raise lifeforce, hope, and a place of grounded possibility.

I would love to learn more about you, your devotion, what you long for, and what is bringing you pleasure now. Please feel free to share in the comments wherever you listen to this podcast or email me at  You can find me @shegathersbeauty, as well. 

Thank you for listening.

Sending vast love and gratitude,





Love Longs for You - You Are Not Forgotten

Love Longs for You - You Are Not Forgotten

February 12, 2021

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Today I share some channeled messages that keep coming through from the Mistress of Longing and what it means to “leave rose petals at the gate.”

—choosing to honor the arrival of your longing as an attunement to soul and soul’s calling.

—how longing will show us deep wisdom through the gateways of body, mind, heart, and spirit.

—longing is a form of love & life’s reach for us; life longs for us and has a wild desire for us to reach back.

—leaving rose petals at the gate is a devotional offering to life—one that says “I welcome you, come, show me what you have to offer.”

—Roland, my beloved furry four legged demonstrates the cycle of creativity—which includes longing and belonging—you might hear the pitter patter of his paws and the striking of his tail as he “hunts” one of his favorite toys.

—the Divine is available and moves through us during the entire cycle of creative flow—asking us to open our love, feel our love even more than we believe we can.

—a sacred invitation from the Mistress of Longing.

—when your sadness reaches for you, will you reach back? 

—being with grief/working with titration/loving and trusting our wisdom to navigate sorrow and the unknown

—the possibility of rejoicing in wanting to be wanted—this is a very (w)holy and basic desire.

—creating healing stories

—whatever you feel, it’s an expression of love reaching for you. 

—longing as an expression of love.

—love is a constant invitation & you have not been forgotten.

—if we want to embrace our longing, we must first begin with what is already here and longing FOR us

—a guided heart meditation.

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You Are A Pleasure Center - This Is Your Power

You Are A Pleasure Center - This Is Your Power

February 5, 2021

Today I talk about how YOU ARE A PLEASURE CENTER. There are so many ways to invite in pleasure, turn yourself on, and choose ecstasy when you can.

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I share the poem “She Moves With Fire” and we look deeper at the sacred rite of passage of experiencing hot flashes and night sweats as an auspicious rewiring & rewilding.

Ideas & Knowings Explored:

-what the body knows

-coming into balance with body, heart, mind, spirit

-living in the river of passion with wisdom rising

-longing’s gift of pushing us, often just beyond our limits, redirecting us toward home—the inner home—the inner flame of hope, knowing, desire, and belonging

-letting the changes and messages from body be a healing story of strength and our inherent capacity to be a pleasure center

-rising with divinity via this sacred body

-a message from the Mistress of Longing about presence and pleasure

-moving the body to return to a state of softness, clarity, and flow 

-holding many truths at once and the power of possibility

-a few ways you can turn yourself on.

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