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Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: This Ecstasy Needs A Home

Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: This Ecstasy Needs A Home

November 29, 2020

Welcome back to “Courting the Divinity of Pleasure,” a special series devoted to the Mistress of Longing. In today’s episode, we talk about the exquisite necessity of finding home. Specifically, how desire, passion, safety, pleasure all need homecoming. 

Letting the light come to you. 

Following the natural instincts of body and heart. 

Pleasure needs a place to go. What wants to have a fuller experience of life? 

Our bodies know how to do this. Your body knows how to fully commit for safety and pleasure. 

Extending ecstasy.

Appreciating rest and stillness.

Following hunger and fullness.

Working with the nervous system, stress, overwhelm, release, relief. 

Stress and the holidays—stress needs a place to go, too.

The magic of moving our body and deepening our breath-practical and real ways to work with stress, threat, and depletion.

Letting the sounds of life help us locate the inner call.

A writing prompt: What is living inside of you that needs a home? 

A quote from Thich Nhat Hahn.

"Wherever you are in this moment, you are coming home."


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Thank you for being here and boundless blessings!


Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: Illuminating Your Soulskin with Sacred Touch and Sound

Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: Illuminating Your Soulskin with Sacred Touch and Sound

November 22, 2020

This is part two of a special series dedicated to the Mistress of Longing. In this series, we explore the divinity of pleasure. In this episode, we dive into touch as an essential doorway to retrieving and experiencing soulskin.

What would it be like to court your longing? To be free by and with longing instead of feeling oppressed by it?

The senses are gorgeous gateways—openings into the physical and mystical realms of what we long to court and what longs to court us.

The Mistress of Longing wants us to reveal ourselves to ourselves—to take on the vision we came here with and court it.

When body becomes flushed with radiance, opportunity for receiving what is sacred and what belongs to us opens up in ways we perhaps haven’t yet imagined.

Signs” as reminders of what is True and how to keep courting it. A visit from a Hawk helps me step into an embodied experience of great pleasure in my life.

What signs are courting YOU?

A message from the Mistress of Longing: miracles are really experiences/revelations of receiving Truth.

In many ways, we have lost our extraordinary vision and are being courted back to it so that when Truth comes to visit, it’s not a rare and miraculous thing, it’s a reminder that we are being held within It all the time.

The longing to feel inner warmth. We all long for it. Touch is a sacred necessity that heals, enlivens, and also helps us release what we’ve been holding onto that’s ready to go.

To know pleasure via touch—and the skin—this is a courting of our soulskin and a re-membering what it’s like to feel sacred in our own skin.

Pleasure soothes the nervous system and breathes new fire into our lifeforce and the inner force of our creativity.

Practical and useful ways to experience being in your soul’s skin and be in communion with life and divinity.

A prompt for reflecting on the ways in which you have been courted by life.

Setting our gaze upon that which will bring communion with pleasure is a way to court what we long for.

How does nature’s soul court you? 

The importance of sacred sound coming together with touch to create a harmonious integration of the elements, body, heart, mind, spirit.

Letting yourself be “captured” by the sense creates the capacity to thrive.

Practical ways to work with sound and touch together.

There is an essential invitation to join ourselves with sound and touch to embrace the sustainability that connection brings. Especially as Covid restrictions begin to tighten again during the winter months.

The power of release through sound and touch—grief, suffering, challenge. 

Let us make our way toward communion with our divine birthright to receive, know, and share pleasure.


Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: The Goddess Gets Free, An Initiation

Courting the Divinity of Pleasure: The Goddess Gets Free, An Initiation

November 15, 2020

This is the first episode in a special series entitled, “Courting the Divinity of Pleasure,” 6 episodes honoring and celebrating the Mistress of Longing.

Part one, The Goddess Gets Free, An Initiation, marks the one year anniversary since my book, The Mistress of Longing was launched. You are invited to gather joy with me over the next 6 weeks as She takes us to the doorstep of 2021, revealing parts of ourselves so very ready to be seen.

In this episode, we explore:

When the Goddess gets free, so do we.

Sacred Timing and Revelation: the Mistress comes at a time when we need Her most—during immense change, unrest, to help us reveal ourselves to ourselves. This is homecoming.

As the Mistress reveals herself, we do, too. She is a divine feminine archetype, lost, hidden and yet ever near, waiting for when the time is ripe to come out of hiding. To be seen and known, honored and reached for. Just like us.

She is the One asking us all to live our wildly naked truth.

She is the One guiding us into the temple of sensuality, the senses, lusciousness, and embodiment.

Power rests in pleasure. We are being “quickened” into this through the doorway of our bodies. The earth’s body, soul’s body, spirit’s body, our body.

The body knows how to reveal the divinity of our truth. Return to it. Receive swift clarity, wisdom, what is needed and wanted. The Mistress of Longing is a quickening into this new vision we are co-creating. 

Our longing is creating a vision, a dream. When we acknowledge this longing, we become a sacred revolution. 

The revolution is happening. 

She is the vital force of light breathing us. That is us. She is the pulse of vitality dwelling within each and every cell of our being. She wants to be seen. Known. Felt. Not hidden.

The experience of soul’s desire to experience physical embodiment—in connection to others. To be seen, touched, to take up space, be heard, to feel. To love. To grieve. To enjoy. To see.

The invitation and initiation to get naked and reveal myself to myself. I share a personal story about my desire to come out. Finding the woman I love. Loving her. And what I chose to leave in order to do so. 

When the Goddess gets free, so do we.

The gifts that have resulted from revelation that I will be sharing and teaching—courting pleasure and love in an embodied way. Via all the senses. Bringing the heart, mind, body, and spirit together for enlivening, a quickening of empowerment, through softness, connection, communion, intimacy, and vitality.

Luscious Embodiment by Lotuswei. Try it. (By the way, I don’t receive anything by sharing their products. I just love them and I can’t help myself)

This special series is a fleshing out—an embodiment of courses, workshops, writings, retreats, and gathering sacred in myriad, forthcoming ways.

It is time to come into communion with the Soul of Life, individually, in community, in relationship. 

How to be with what we love. This is available daily. This is what it means to court our pleasure—to feel it all, to take it in, slowly, mindfully, heart fully, digest and integrate it. 

Rituals of courting pleasure. How they heal, soothe, enliven, empower. Practices as rituals you can use this next week. Including chocolate and yummy essential oils.

My dog Roland, nudges all of us to tune into what Nature wants us to know. What wants to be touched? Heard? Kissed? Connected? You might hear him giving me gentle “sniffy kisses” while I wrap up this episode.

Journal Prompt: what are you courting?

I’ll be sharing rituals for the senses in each episode of this series.

The simple and elegant pleasure of eating when we’re hungry.

When the Goddess gets free, so do we.

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Thank you for being with me and celebrating this life. 

As always, may you know, you are sacred. This moment is ceremony. And you get to live your wildly naked truth. 


Clarity in the Darkness and the Power of Yes

Clarity in the Darkness and the Power of Yes

November 8, 2020

Today we explore:

The opportunity to gain clarity and soulful insight in the darkness. 

The mysterious power of yes.

Acknowledging the many kinds of ancestors and the magic we have to offer them. 

Rumi’s poetry and lineage—words as sacred portal.

Unwrapping the gifts only available in the darkness and retrieving an expansive vision. Gravitating to the hearth-fire for warmth and rest. 

What is asking to be honored within and around you now?

“Solstice Birth,” a poem written for me by Morgan Farley, a magical being I met because I said yes to a very special and life changing opportunity.

Katie Hess and her incredible flower alchemy @lotuswei.

Numinous presence and clarity in the darkness is ever waiting and available for us as we walk through life. 

Nature’s truth longs for you.

Becoming who you already are—you are already the entire feast.

”Deep in your body there’s a door,” from the poem, “Solstice Birth” by Morgan Farley—

——a ritual you can use to access the truth and mystery of you that came while I was recording. 

Your life is an altar. Whatever you have, use that.

YOU are an altar. 

Say yes to what inspires you.

”The Guest House,” by Rumi. 

What “guests” are arriving for you? What is your emotional landscape like now?

We are not alone. Saying yes can lead to miracles. It can happen in so many ways, even when we are down on our knees. Even sobbing is a yes.

Letting your yes—your longing—be honey for your heart.

Your inhale can be a yes. Your exhale a softening.

May you know you are sacred and that this moment is ceremony. And may you live your wildly naked truth. 

Thank you for listening. If you like what you heard, please leave me some stars and a favorable review. To learn more about me and my offerings, please visit or @shegathersbeauty on Instagram and Facebook. 

Cultivating Yin: What is Your Heart’s Promise?

Cultivating Yin: What is Your Heart’s Promise?

November 1, 2020

Today Wendy speaks to the power of dreaming and the Dreamtime, the potent portal of resting into the mystery and the darkness.

The opportunity to release AND receive. Practical ways of showing up in an active state of surrender by recording our dreams.

Poems as thresholds to bridge the whole and holiness of mystery. I share two poems from my book, The Reach is (W)holy.

“Cultivating Yin” poem. Ways to catch our undone dreams and struggles. The stirring of sadness and hope. Darkness and fear and the ability to be called into a deeper truth.

Exploring the elegant edge that leads us back to the center of ourselves.

Dreams that are asking for our full attention. Our ancestors asking to be honored, received, longed for, invited. 

Inviting grief to the table and inquiring, “what do you wish for me to know about you?”

How can we be a bridge between the worlds? How can we plant new seeds while resting for ourselves, for the ones who have gone before us, and those who will come after?

The darkness helps us see, know, and understand what is really living inside of what is True.

We came equipped with tools to see, know, hear, and understand in various ways.

What we are supposed to know and how we are supposed to be can be vastly different from what is true and longing for us. 

Accessing the hearth-fire of your heart for steadiness with a simple breathing practice.

The powerful practice of asking yourself “what feels good?” This is a way to cultivate yin. To know and acknowledge the sacred available in the moment. And to catch, receive, hold, gather all that is needed. This “vessel” can also empty out what is needed, too.

A few ways to practice recording and retrieving our dreams so we can be aware of what they want us to know, do, be.

Dreams as a part of the Great Call Back—calling back all of our parts (for more on this topic, see previous episode). 

Weaving together all the pieces of our life in the midst of mystery unfolding.

The importance of sharing our dreams, as well as helping others understand their dreams. 

The significance of being a reflection of the Dreamtime for our community, family, and the collective at large. Our dreams often have medicine to share and don’t just belong to us individually.

“Clear Seeing” poem. How are you being written? What is your heart’s promise?

Letting mystery do what it does—letting it nourish you and teach you how to trust.

May you be deeply nourished.

May you remember, you are sacred.

May you remember, this moment is ceremony.

May you remember, you get to live your wildly, naked truth.

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