She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth
Welcome to She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth

Welcome to She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth

September 8, 2020

Welcome to She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth!

I am so honored and delighted that you are here. This is the first episode; an invocation to welcome pleasure, truth, hope, joy, and goodness into our lives. In this episode, I open up a sacred space for all to gather, tend to the fire in our bones, honor transition, rites of passage, and homecoming.

This episode is an invitation to find your hallelujah. I share more about my aspirations to show up as a truthteller for you—as an imperfectly embodied guide leading you to the hearthfire of your life.  

Pleasure is our divine birthright and is essential always and especially during these challenging times. Pleasure changes our brain and benefits our nervous system. Being and living from a place of pleasure restores vitality and returns us to possibility and a wider, brighter, vision. Making room for some small grace each day can bolster us during times of great change, despair, and the great unknown.

Other topics include:

Poetry and Devotion. I share a few poems, including a story about one delivered to me in the Dreamtime. The author? A butter lamp. This was an offering to me, through me, for all of us. An offering of light in the darkness and instruction about creativity and potential.

Pilgrimage as a devotional practice. The power of choice. And how both are an act of homecoming and tending to the fire in our bones. We don’t have to go far to experience the sacred. We all are made of fire and spark, bone and breath, magic and love. When we remember, we can gather grace and make new healing stories of our lives. 

The importance of living our wildly naked and sacred truth. How the Mistress of Longing, a numinous presence who came to me, offering words that changed my life forever led to my second book, The Mistress of Longing, and the extraordinary adventures that met me as a result. Listening to, trusting, and living the call. 

The Shamanic Journey as ceremony and inner retreats to holy spaces. Traveling in the non-ordinary world impacts the ordinary world and our outer reality in profound and life-altering ways. Our inner world is a portal for expanded and mystical vision, brighter living, belonging, and clear seeing.  

You are a pleasure center. Pleasure as the heartbeat of life. Your desire and longing can impact something far greater than you might imagine.

Making room inside us for remembering that what is sacred cannot be removed.

Sharing what is to come and an invitation to live your wildly, naked truth.

If you’d like to learn more about me or book your own Hearth-fire session, visit You’ll also find links to The Mistress of Longing, published by Womancraft Publishing, and my first book, The Reach is (W)holy.

Thank you for joining and crossing this auspicious new threshold with me! If you like what you hear, please leave me some stars and a favorable review!


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