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Leave Rose Petals at the Gate - Part Two - A surprise from the Mistress of Longing

Leave Rose Petals at the Gate - Part Two - A surprise from the Mistress of Longing

September 27, 2020

Today I share an experience that happened right after I finished recording the last episode (part one)—an embodied experience—what I might even refer to as an “undeniable miracle” (a term I heard once while listening to an interview with Aaron Rose) from the Mistress of Longing and another way we can practice “leaving rose petals at the gate.”

I share a story about a life-changing experience I had in Santa Fe, NM, several years ago and how it led to “walking with blessings on my feet.”

Life is a sacred invitation. We can bear witness to “something greater” in so many ways and how it can add such a rich and profound depth and calling into our personal lives. 

Lifting the veils is a practice that is available to all of us, all the time.

We are all gifted to bless and be blessed.

Letting the heartbeat of life touch us, move us, change us.

A short guided breathing practice to soothe the nervous system, change our brains, and increase awareness, meaning, and relationship to Soul. 

The portal to remembering—a way to honor those who have come before us, the life available today, and making a permanent impression moving forward.

May you remember YOU ARE SACRED. This moment is ceremony. And you get to live YOUR wildly, naked truth.

Leave Rose Petals at the Gate: A Message from the Mistress of Longing

Leave Rose Petals at the Gate: A Message from the Mistress of Longing

September 20, 2020

I channel a message from the Mistress of Longing for the audience of She Gathers Beauty | Living Your Wildly Naked Truth. The entry point is the last line of Her poem and the last chapter of the book.

“Belonging is a co-creative act—a sacred collaboration.” The Mistress of Longing shares why offerings are important and what the line “leave rose petals at the gate, I will come” holds for all of now during these uncertain and pivotal times.

”You are not alone.” The Mistress wants us to know this. Remember this Truth. Small gestures can help us root into this knowing. 

Ritual for the New Moon: bringing “what is” to the blank canvas of our lives; placing our gaze on something “greater,” being lifted, liberated, celebrated.

The importance of understanding and being with the dance of what we want and long for and what is getting in the way. What’s working? What isn’t?

Creating a “nest” for ourselves and others by coming home to the presence available within and around us. Making our way toward safety is nourishment. 

Osho’s quote, “be realistic. expect a miracle.” Readying ourselves for swift miracles—being open to the innocent source inside of us that enables us to receive blessings—even during times of great upheaval, loss, death, and challenge—“leaving rose petals at the gate” is a way to offer and hold an aspiration to bring ease and relief to those experiences.

Quenching the thirst within you and around you. Life wants to provide holy water to the places and spaces that need it. 

Collaboration with the inhale and exhale of life.

The Mistress of Longing shares practical ways to leave rose petals at the gate.

Accessing wisdom and grace from the above and below.

This moment is ceremony because you are (w)holy = whole and holy. Now. Already. You are. 

May you remember you are sacred. This moment is ceremony. And you get to live your wildly, naked truth. 


Tending and Trusting the Flame: A Love Story

Tending and Trusting the Flame: A Love Story

September 11, 2020

Wendy shares a love story. Three of them, actually.

The Mistress of Longing Poem; words chanted over me during the Dreamtime and the bones of the book that came as a result.

Sending postcards to ourselves. Having a love affair with yourself and your life exactly as it. “You are already the entire ocean.” Reminders to carry on with grace and hope, truth and trust.

Falling in love with a numinous presence.

Our deepest longings and values and how our lives depend upon them. Trusting the truth of this moment, impermanence, and letting longing lead the way to the life we want to live.

The path to living my wildly, naked truth and what I value.

Falling in love with a woman and our path of beauty. Intimacy, sensuality, creativity, and connection.

Giving and receiving.

Cultivating our love affair and some of the ways we tend our hearth-fire.

Personal growth, healing, and the expansion available through relationship and co-creation.

Tending the flame. Cultivating courage. Leaping into the great unknown—what can you hold onto?

How do you wish to be more intimate with your life?

Walking through the last 4 months of 2020. Making contact with what you value and living in love.

”Longing brought you here—births you again and again.” ~The Mistress of Longing.

Remember, you are sacred. This moment is ceremony. You get to live your wildly, naked truth.


The Sacred Invitation: What are you saying yes to?

The Sacred Invitation: What are you saying yes to?

September 11, 2020

Wendy explores the importance of honoring our daily needs as a way to be available for knowing and tending to the desires and aspirations beckoning us into the life we long to live. 

This episode looks at homecoming as it relates to turning toward, not away from, the fires happening both around and inside us. Coming home to ourselves in very basic ways increases our ability to be present in challenge and available to joy, healing, rest, truth, and relaxation. These are dynamic, game-changing keys to being part of the great revolution happening now.

Stillness is an essential ingredient to tending the hearth fire of daily life. What is living at the center of you? Let’s normalize how often we get lost in checking off to-do lists and moving from task to task and choose something different.

Life’s grand invitation at this time is to lean into and build upon supportive and nourishing practices that feed us—body, mind, and spirit—helping repair hurt, be with uncertainty, and be nurtured more. We can’t be fed from perpetual exhaustion.

How can our daily choices be acts of grace and devotion? I provide simple practices that can help increase ease, clarity, and focus and cultivate greater trust in the goodness available to each and all of us. We explore the empowered surrender of a one-word prayer, the beauty of making offerings and gestures of love to nature and hence, ourselves, and other sacred, daily practices. 

How I found this altar built out of words, plus how it can be used: “let your desires counsel you.”

Turning inward and locating stillness. Dropping into the profound calm of our breath, leaving behind stressful to-do lists and excessive task-oriented ways of being, if even for a moment or two. 

When we know what we really need and act on that, we increase our ability to create a larger vision of wholeness from trust, spaciousness, clarity, and creativity. 

Rest and repair create more room for our gifts and wisdom. We can draw upon the powerful practices of ritual. I share a few of my own personal practices, including water offerings, rattling, and journeying to commune with my helping spirits. 

Everything is ceremony. We can turn our gaze toward the sacred in each moment.

BONUS: at the end of this episode, I take you on a guided visualization into your heart cave where you can relax, receive, and enjoy a special offering that has been waiting for you. 

Come home to the quiet stillness that is you. 

Remember, you are sacred. This moment is ceremony. And you, dear heart, you get to live your wildly naked truth. 

If you’d like to learn more about my offerings, visit

Thank you for spending your valuable time with me. 


Lover, Come Home: Being Held in Your Yes

Lover, Come Home: Being Held in Your Yes

September 11, 2020

Topics/contemplations/prompts explored in this episode of Living Your Wildly Naked Truth include:

Wild Honoring; a poem about pleasure—giving it, receiving it, living it, and merging with the ache of sweetness.

Spontaneity and permission to be you.

Receiving the words “lover, come home” and what that means.

Rites of passage and the creative process: initiation, birth, death, grief. Falling in love and saying goodbye.

Home as expansive trust—the inner and outer landscapes of home. Instruction for homecoming.

Letting nature do what nature does—trusting your own wild truth. Asking to be shown can be a companion for your willingness to say yes in the unknown spaces.

Releasing what we know and falling apart; the (w)holiness of longing, being shattered, honoring endings and letting the grief come.

The Mistress of Longing—Her teachings on how to listen to soul. We are meant to BE LONGING.

The epiphany and process of giving birth to a book and Trust.

La Loba and Women Who Run With the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, PhD. Fleshing out the bones of the wild woman.

Julie Daley and her divine timing.

Learning how to work with a numinous presence. Devotion as a path of trust.

“You are not alone.” A message for all of us from the Mistress of Longing.

Taking your seat in sovereignty and trusting your inner world of knowing.

Womancraft Publishing and Lucy Pearce.

Katie Hess and Lotuswei in Costa Rica.

Poetry as messenger and declaration. 

Sacred endings and uncoupling. Mutual Liberation. Shape shifting as a great awakening.

What stories are we telling ourselves about longing and writing new ones.

Paying attention to the messages coming through our nervous systems—an equisite navigation tool.

What would it feel like to be held in your sacred yes and how would you know? What would support and strengthen you? What’s holding you back?






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